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About Us

An Organized Closet

I’ve always had a passion for organizing things… 

I’ve always been an organized person. As a youth, I was the kid that never liked to get his clothes messy, I kept my room neat & clean and my school books in good condition. This became the pattern of my life that continues today. 


Vincent Giacalone, Founder

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Along the way, family and friends found my obsession for organizing sometimes a bit ‘over the top’ but yet they’ve usually remarked at how I could find the order within the chaos. Seems I’ve been born with a knack of seeing the end result of what I want and then work towards that outcome. 


Over the years, family and friends who have come into my home have remarked at the order and organization of the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, closets and storage areas. It became the standard comment from everyone that I should consider doing this for a living! 

And so a few years ago, I decided to follow my passion, my dream, my vision – and The Organized Guy was born! What can I organize for you?

Who Is The Organized Guy?

Professional Affiliations

Our Mission


To provide clients with organizing and decluttering services that help them avoid time consuming chaos, and to be productive in their personal and professional lives.

Serving Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island, The Organized Guy is a leader in the organizing and decluttering field and offers comprehensive services to homeowners, professionals, seniors and caregivers. The Organized Guy’s staff are highly trained in developing and implementing organizing and decluttering strategies in the home and workplace; including the organization of digital, desktop and cabinet filing systems.

In all of The Organized Guy’s services, the Firm has a commitment to its Pillars of Excellence: Integrity, Empathy, Honesty, Trust, Vision and Encouragement.

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