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We work alongside our clients from start to finish, providing guidance and support through the entire process. We assist in the decision making of what to keep, donate or toss, but our clients always have the final word with respect to what they want to keep.


After the unwanted items have been removed, we organize everything based on how our clients live and work in their space. We also provide suggestions and recommendations that address their organizational needs. Our goal is to create systems that our clients can maintain long after the project has been completed.


The Organized Guy serves our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and treat them with respect and courtesy in accordance with the NAPO code of ethics.

We Make Our Process Simple So We Can A.C.E. Your Project:

Assess the Situation

  • We schedule a consultation in your home or office to review the project

  • We discuss all aspects of the situation and clearly define your vision and goals

  • We provide an estimate of the time, materials, and cost to achieve those goals

Create the Plan

  • We collaborate with you to outline the steps required to achieve your goals

  • We schedule your project with dates and tasks to be completed

  • Your plan becomes the roadmap to track and measure our progress start to finish

Execute the Plan

  • Plan meets action!

  • After each session we will review the progress and accomplishments with you and plan the next step

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