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The Organized Guy is professional, courteous and efficient. I have used his services to clean out the residence of elderly man who now must reside in a nursing home. His price was as quoted, and the job was completed in the anticipated timeframe. He and his crew took time to set aside items of sentimental and financial value while diligently carting away the items and belongings no longer needed.

- Thomas Manzi, P.C.

I hired Vinnie, The Organized Guy, to help me organize my large collection of history and travel books, magazines, and maps. Over the course of several sessions, Vinnie categorized and organized them into a system that grouped the travel books and maps based on geography and the history books based on topics. I’m now able to reference materials quickly and maintain it moving forward. Vinnie really helped me get through this overwhelming project.

- John C., Old Westbury, NY

You won't need anyone else. Vinnie was available, reliable, thorough and fair. Has a great attitude and super easy to work with. I absolutely recommend The Organized Guy.

- Ilene C., E. Meadow, NY

I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Vincent since early in the year when I decided to organize my garage and sort through my mother’s belongings. Vincent always showed up on time 1st and foremost. He explained the organization processes that will take place and recommended the containers I needed. I hired him for this project, but it turned into a complete home sale moving project instead. Not only did we sort through endless paperwork and duplicate tools and portable receptacles we packed and moved my entire home to a new location. Vincent’s contacts and hired help all came through and was basically seamless. He stuck to his plan and even during the last part of the move he followed through until 1am when the process was finally done. I highly recommend Vincent and his team. Thank you.

- Corinne P., Riverhead, NY

As an elder care attorney, I am responsible for executing many facets of my client’s estate. I’ve retained Vinnie, The Organized Guy, on several occasions and he and his team have handled all the tasks with minimum supervision in a professional and timely manner. This has enabled me to remain focused on finalizing the legal issues of my clients.

- Joanne Hawthorne, P.C.

In a city known for its cold, calculated business, there is a warm heart of service. His name is Vinnie. Vinnie cares. He cares about delivering genuine advice, honest services and lasting impressions that improve people's living space and quality of life. He's worth every dollar. Vinnie's efforts for my mother, Judy, changed her outlook on the small world inside a tiny apartment where she is limited. I and my 87-yr old mother are blessed to have found Vinnie in this city. I highly recommend 'The Organized Guy, Inc.' Thank you, Vinnie, for all you are & do.

- Mike C., New York, NY

A+++! Vinnie was incredibly professional and amazing at organizing and coming up with an expert, really smart plan for our basement. He transformed our huge cellar from what seemed like a hoarder’s nightmare of cluttered boxes from a big move, into an organized oasis with all of our things sorted in clear bins and accessible on shelves. He worked really fast and efficiently and was so pleasant and professional. My whole family is thrilled and appreciative. I’m recommending Vinnie to ALL of my friends and will definitely hire him again to help us organize more projects. Thank you! A+++

- Melissa B., Quogue, NY

This review is long overdue! But the same reasons that kept me from posting are the reasons I needed Vinnie’s help in the first place. With kids and commitments there never seems to be enough time in the day. Our garage became a dumping ground with the same lie we all tell ourselves, “I’ll get to it later”. Later never came. When my husband couldn’t take the chaos anymore, I called Vinnie. He was precise and methodical and helped motivate us to organize what we wanted to keep and toss what we didn’t need. (Although I didn’t toss all he’d have liked me to!) Thank you, Vinnie, for taking a source stress off of my plate! I highly recommend him!

– Mari G., Levittown, NY

I was very happy with my storage cabinets and making my closet more efficient. His ideas were great, and Vinnie listened and made my room perfect. I couldn't be happier.

– Noreen M., Levittown, NY

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