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I am thrilled with the work that I've accomplished with the help of Vinny, The Organized Guy. I appreciate the time he takes for the strategy as much as the time we dedicate to actually organizing. The strategy piece helps me see the whole picture and that in turn has helped me work on my own after he leaves for the session. He is very professional and personable and I am looking forward to expanding from office/computer organizing to closet/house organizing.

– Delia S., Baldwin, NY

This review is long overdue! But the same reasons that kept me from posting are the reasons I needed Vinnie’s help in the first place. With kids and commitments there never seems to be enough time in the day. Our garage became a dumping ground with the same lie we all tell ourselves, “I’ll get to it later”. Later never came. When my husband couldn’t take the chaos anymore I called Vinnie. He was precise and methodical and helped motivate us to organize what we wanted to keep, and toss what we didn’t need. (Although I didn’t toss all he’d have liked me to!) Thank you Vinnie for taking a source stress off of my plate! I highly recommend him!

– Mari G., Levittown, NY

Home Sweet Home has retained Vinnie, The Organized Guy for many of our clients. He always executes each project quickly and efficiently, from scheduling to meet with clients to address their needs and handling all aspects of the project from picking up donations to arranging for trash pickups. Vinnie is professional, courteous and ensures every project is completed to the client’s satisfaction. We recommend The Organized Guy as a valued partner with Home Sweet Home.

– Susan DeLeo., Client Services Manager, HOME SWEET HOME

Vinnie, the Organized Guy is more than an organization expert.  He envisions space in your home or office to maximize efficiency and minimize stress.  Vinnie takes you through a systematic process to eradicate clutter without making decisions for you as to what you need to donate, sell or store.  His method is highly individual and sensitive no matter how out of hand a situation may have become.  Vinnie is a skilled coach who helps his clients set reasonable achievable goals.  I can recommend The Organized Guy without hesitation.

– Jocelyn W., Oceanside, NY

Vinnie was of great help in creating and organizing the documents I store on my computer. He spent several hours making sure I understood the system he created and that I could use it on my own. Vinnie also called me several times afterwards to make sure that the system was working well.

I highly recommend Vinnie to any professional who wants to upgrade their organization and efficiency.

– Alan K., Smithtown, NY

A few months ago, Vinnie helped me complete a momentous task. Over the years my parents had trouble parting with things, so they had accumulated a massive amount of paperwork. The problem was, while there were many unimportant things, these were interspersed with very important documents, like my birth certificate.  Therefore, they all needed to be gone through. Vinnie very patiently helped me sort through each piece, creating three piles, keep, throw away, and shred.  He then set aside what was to be kept, and organized them in a nice neat way, so I would be able to access it again easily.  He does wonderful work and makes an otherwise difficult task enjoyable.

– Nina R., Hauppauge, NY

Vinny is outstanding. Highly recommend. Communication was timely and he did a fantastic job. This is your guy. Hire him today.

– Mike P., Commack, NY

I hired Vinnie to clear out years of clutter from my garage and organize the things we decided we would keep. He was professional, accommodating and the prices were extremely affordable. He has no idea of the magnitude of stress and anxiety he took off me!

- Lisa K., N. Massapequa, NY

We remodeled our kitchen and due to our work schedule things we just shoved things back into the brand new cabinets. Vinny “The Organized Guy” came up with a plan to organize my kitchen cabinets. Once we were in agreement I gave him my house keys and let him have at it. He made simple changes that greatly improved the functioning of my kitchen. I also used him to help load and organize a POD with the content of my basement that is being worked on. The time and aggravation he saved me is priceless. I highly recommend The Organized Guy to get you organized. It is so nice not to have to think about it.

– Allison P., Massapequa, NY

I was very happy with my storage cabinets and making my closet more efficient. His ideas were great and Vinnie listened and made my room perfect. I couldn't be happier.

– Noreen M., Levittown, NY