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Our Mission

To help you regain space and control by decluttering and establishing a sustainable organization

system that will enable you to be more productive and less stressed.

The Organized Guy promises you results that are dramatic and transformative.  

You will see your home with new, happy eyes!

From Chaos to Contentment


Past clients tell us our services have transformed their lives.  That may sound dramatic but being organized and clutter-free truly extends to other areas of your life, bringing a life-altering sense of calm, order, and control.



There is no “One size Fits All” solution in organizing.  Your home, your lifestyle, your time constraints are all unique to you.  We analyze your specific needs to bring sustainable, personalized solutions to your organizational challenges that require individualized attention and out-of-the-box strategies.


Hard Work

Top-Quality organizing requires precise strategy and good old-fashioned manpower.  

We bring both the brains and the brawn to every job.  Heavy lifting most definitely included!




Love where you live…Every room of it! More space to live, better storage space, more space to ENJOY!




More attractive and comfortable home to welcome family and friends!

We bring our years of knowledge and experience to create a clutter free, organized home of

your dreams.  And, we do it all in a thorough and painless process. We take the time to get to know

you so that we can organize your space in a way that is comfortable, practical, and makes sense for

you and your lifestyle.  We help you reclaim the very expensive square footage of your home currently

lost to clutter with functional and easy to sustain solutions.

Enjoy The Benefits of Being Organized

  • TIME AND MONEY! Save time not looking for things and save money not rebuying things you have but can’t find or forgot about

  • REDUCE STRESS! Clutter causes anxiety. An organized home can bring more peace and calm to your home and your life.

  • EFFICIENCY! Everything will be arranged in a logical and organized way so that everything is easy to find, and it is easy to keep it organized

  • CLEANER, HEALTHIER, MORE SANITARY!  Clutter breeds germs…EW!

  • RECLAIM YOUR INVESTMENT! Reclaim your home, it’s too big of an investment not to be able to enjoy every square foot

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An Organized Kitchen

What Our Clients Say

"The Organized Guy is professional, courteous and efficient. I have used his services to clean out the residence of elderly man who now must reside in a nursing home. His price was as quoted, and the job was completed in the anticipated timeframe. He and his crew took time to set aside items of sentimental and financial value while diligently carting away the items and belongings no longer needed."
– Thomas J. Manzi, P.C.
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